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Warm Home Insulation is committed to keeping our current and prospective customers up to date with the most useful tips for residential home insulation. Check out our blog posts below for more!

  • installing spray foam insulation
    Why Spray Foam Insulation Is Worth the Investment

    Did you know that spray foam insulation can help you save up to 50 percent on your heating and cooling costs?

    Typically, your choices for insulation are between spray foam and fibreglass options. Different types of insulation come with different benefits, but spray foam is superior in a lot of categories. But is it worth the investment? Read our blog to learn more about the main benefits of investing in spray foam insulation for your home or business.


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  • replacing attic insulation
    When Does Attic Insulation Need to Be Replaced?

    A lack of good attic insulation in your attic can mean a colder home and higher heating bills. Do you want to make sure your house stays warm and toasty during the coldest parts of the year? It might be time to replace your attic insulation.

    If you notice higher energy costs, pests, or a water-damaged roof, it's time to upgrade your homeand attic insulation for better protection.

    Here are signs you need to replace your attic insulation.  


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  • insulating agricultural building
    5 Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation for Agricultural Buildings

    Proper insulation can make almost any space livable. Even in the coldest temps in Manitoba which dip below -30°C.

    Extremes aside, there are a few suitable types of insulations for different purposes. Among the best for agricultural purposes is spray foam.

    Spray foam is a type of insulation that expands when leaving the spray gun. It’s a cost-effective and fast method to insulate large areas such as farm sheds, barns, cattle housing, and more. 

    Spray foam insulation is currently employed in many sectors. Read our blog to learn five ways that your farm buildings can benefit from the installation of spray foam insulation.  


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  • insulating commercial building
    Guide to Commercial Building Insulation Options

    Did you know that space heating accounts for 55% of the energy used in commercial buildings in Canada?

    That's more than half of your business's energy bills! 

    Keeping that heat inside your commercial building should be a priority. It's expensive enough running a business – don't waste money and precious energy by allowing that heat to escape. 

    Commercial building insulation is the ultimate way to keep that valuable heat inside your commercial building. For great energy efficiency, you need to look for a high R-value. This is a measure of how easily air and water can penetrate the surface.

    Read on to find out what kinds of commercial insulation are available and which ones are right for you.


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  • model home wrapped in scarf
    What Is Cavity Wall Injection Insulation?

    The move toward a more environmentally conscious and sustainable approach to life has gained a lot of ground in Canada. You can see that in sustainable design movements in urban centers across the nation. What about those with older homes?

    For anyone living in a home built 80 or more years ago, there probably aren't a lot of eco-friendly features included. While innovative for its time, properly insulating your walls with cavity wall injection insulation will do a far better job of keeping warmth inside your home.

    Not familiar with cavity injection wall insulation? Keep reading for a quick look at what it is, its benefits, and what happens during installation.


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  • insulating basement wall
    What Are the Benefits of Insulating the Basement?

    Statistics show that finishing off your basement can provide a return of 70 to 75% on your initial investment. 

    Do you currently have an unfinished basement? Is it a cold and undesirable place to go in the winter? How could you make your basement a liveable space?

    Adding insulation can help keep the heat in and no longer deal with cold, concrete walls.

    Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of insulating the basement:

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  • model home kept warm
    Top 5 Ways Insulation Improves Home Energy Efficiency

    Are you paying an outrageous heating bill? Are you burning through surplus natural gas or electricity to run your furnace? Or maybe your bedroom is burning hot in the summer without relief.

    Chances are your home is under insulated. Not only are you paying a hefty bill, but all the heat is slipping out the door!

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  • 23/11/2020
    Why Do I Have Ice Dams On My Roof?

    Harsher winters bring more ice and snow, which can lead to ice dams sitting on your roof and eaves. Ice dams can damage your roof and gutters and cause interior water damage.

    The good news is, you can prevent ice damming before it happens. Read on to learn what ice dams are, how they form, and what you can do to prevent ice damming on your roof.

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  • insulation
    Important Areas of Your Home That Need Insulation

    Adding the right insulation is essential for a new or existing home. A home needs insulation to block out or keep in the heat, depending on the season. The right insulation will help reduce energy bills and maintain better indoor temperatures. Specific locations from the roof to the foundation should be insulated to make your home energy-efficient. Count on Warm Home Insulation for high-quality insulation products. Our approach is to consider each house as a building envelope and insulate each level of the house accordingly. We have been providing effective insulation solutions for a wide array of residential and commercial projects since 1977.

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  • vehicle insulation
    Should I Insulate My Commercial Vehicle?

    For most manufacturers in the automotive sector, controlling heat transfer while ensuring the vehicle operates efficiently is a major concern. As the demand for better operational and environmental efficiency for vehicles is increasing, there is a greater emphasis on temperature control. If you want your refrigerated trucks to be fuel and cost-efficient, it is important to get them insulated. Insulation is also necessary for unrefrigerated trucks carrying goods and materials that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. If you are looking for vehicle insulation in Winnipeg, Warm Home Insulation has what you need. We provide an extensive range of top-quality products, services and state-of-the-art specialty equipment to fulfill every expectation.

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  • Roof insulation
    Attic Insulation vs. Roof Deck Insulation

    Home insulation was invented to keep the desired temperature in homes throughout the year, safeguarding them against extreme heat in summer and cold in winter. There are mainly two kinds of insulation – roof deck insulation and attic insulation. Residents in Winnipeg can approach Warm Home Insulation for both.

    We provide a wide range of insulation products, such as spray foam insulation, that meet the individual needs of our customers. Whether you require extra insulation in your walls, your roof deck or your basement, we can help you out.

    While both attic insulation and roof insulation insulate your home to lessen cooling and heating bills, there are a few differences between them. We hope that this blog will clear the doubts regarding these differences.

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  • Insulation in the attic
    Tips for Winterizing Your Home

    Keeping your home warm and comfortable in freezing temperatures is essential and important. However, it needs prior planning and proper understanding of the energy consumption in your house. Heating is expensive and you would not like to pay uselessly for heat which escapes from minute spaces around doors and windows. You need to find ways to effectively trap the energy inside and maintain it. In this blog, we discuss a few most basic things you should do to maintain the warm temperatures. Don’t wait till winters to update your home, you can start in fall. Beginning early will ensure your furnace doesn’t have to work overtime to make up for the heat loss, and you start saving on energy bills instantly. Warm Home Insulation has been providing quality and cost-effective insulation solutions in Winnipeg since 1977.

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  • Ice dams on roof
    Ice Dams: Their Causes and Their Risks

    During a Manitoba winter, there are a lot of potential threats to your home. Ice damming is one threat that we see a lot in Winnipeg. It’s a problem that can cause lots of damage to your house and require expensive repairs. Luckily, however, it’s preventable. Let us at Warm Home Insulation take you through the causes, risks, and solutions to ice damming in Winnipeg.


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  • Insulation
    How Wall Cavity Insulation Can Lower Your Energy Costs

    Everyone in Winnipeg wants their home to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. But it’s impossible to achieve the perfect indoor temperature if your home isn’t properly insulated. Keep reading to learn how wall cavity insulation can help you save money on your heating and cooling costs and keep you comfortable all year round.

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  • 18/01/2017
    Will Ice Damming Be a Threat to Your Roof This Winter?

    Ice damming occurs when the snow on one section of your roof melts, runs down the roof and refreezes when it reaches the edge. The ice on the edge builds up and traps additional melt water. If left unchecked, the trapped water can be a major threat to your roof, attic, insulation, ceilings, walls and more. Keep reading for some signs to watch out for and a few tips to help you prevent ice damming on your Winnipeg home this winter.

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  • 02/10/2016
    Winnipeg, Watch Out—It’s Ice Damming Season!

    Snow and icicles glazing the rooftop of your Winnipeg home can make for a charming picture fit for a postcard. But when ice damming is the culprit behind your winter wonderland vista, quaint can quickly give way to panic. Ice dams can damage your roof, your gutters and lead to the internal destruction of your home.

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  • Winnipeg home in need of spray foam insulation
    4 Reasons Spray Foam Insulation Is Right for Your Winnipeg Home

    Our harsh Winnipeg winters can be brutal. With temperatures that dip far below zero combined with drastic wind and snowfall, a well-insulated home is a modern marvel we should all be grateful for. But did you know that not all insulation is created equal? Spray foam insulation is by far the most effective type for sale on the market today, outperforming fibre insulations by leaps and bounds. Here are some of the reasons spray foam insulation might be the right choice for your Winnipeg home.

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