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Agricultural Insulation

Professional Agricultural Insulation Services In Winnipeg

Energy costs are a significant expense for agricultural producers, from the costs of heating or cooling a barn or other agricultural building. Warm Home Insulation specializes in the installation of agricultural insulation in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. Spray foam insulation is the solution that can provide an air and vapour barrier that is suited for the structures of agricultural buildings. We can help you efficiently protect your livestock and create an energy-efficient and comfortable space throughout the year. Contact us to learn more about our farm insulation services.


Agricultural insulation is a type of insulation that may be used to protect agricultural buildings like barns, livestock pens, crop storage buildings, livestock feed storage buildings, poultry houses, equine barns, swine barns, Quonsets, storage and freezer facilities for fruits and vegetables, and workshops. Spray foam is the main type of insulation used, as it is liquid insulation directly applied to the surface to provide a consistent sealing layer and prevent moisture. Spray foam is perfect for filling the cracks and hard-to-reach areas of farm structures.


Low-insulation structures are susceptible to a variety of issues. Agricultural insulation can eliminate nearly all of these issues. Agricultural insulating materials have excellent thermal characteristics, which means you can save money on energy, reduce energy loss in winters, and maintain the cool temperature of the building in the summers. It also seals the air from the outside, which protects the materials from getting damaged. 

The best part is that after application, agricultural insulation emits no harmful gases. As a result, it's the ideal option for your agricultural insulation needs in Winnipeg.


There are several advantages of spray foam farm insulation for farm buildings:

Moisture control - The closed-cell foam is impenetrable to destructive mould and mildew.

Lower energy costs - Spray foam insulation provides an airtight atmosphere, protecting your building from the fluctuating temperature and high humidity and preserving your poultry, animals, or grains.

Eco-friendly - Insulation helps the environment by lowering greenhouse gas emissions. Moreover, reducing these gases will help your farm and animals stay healthy.

Highest R-Value - Spray foam has the highest R-value per square inch of any system available, which means it provides better insulation performance and thus saves more energy.

Increased structural integrity - This ultra-lightweight insulation technology is very rigid and significantly increases the structural integrity of roofs, walls, and buildings.

Cost-effective - Spray foam agricultural insulation is a cost-effective solution that provides most farmers with a return on investment (ROI) by leveraging savings from lower energy costs and higher yields in poultry, livestock, and grain storage.

Warm Home Insulation can provide you with agricultural insulation for your farm or agricultural buildings in and around Winnipeg. From spray foam to vehicle insulation , you can count on us for cost-efficient and timely insulation requirements.

Contact us today for a free estimate. 



Consult our professionals to learn more about effective agricultural insulation options.

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