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Your roof takes a thorough beating every fall and winter. Extreme weather, including snowstorms, resulted in $1.3 billion in insured damage in 2019.

From falling tree branches in the autumn to ice dams in the winter, every component of your roof is constantly tested by the weather. Roof wear and tear is a natural part of being a homeowner, but when real damage starts to occur, it will have a domino effect.

In this post, we'll explore how a bit of preventative maintenance on your roof can impact your attic insulation. A small amount of work throughout the year is going to elongate the lifespan of your roof. Keep reading, however, and you'll see how it can keep your insulation working as it should.

The Importance of Roof Maintenance

Roof maintenance is essential because a neglected roof is a compromised roof. When you ignore obvious issues, like an abundance of moss or some missing shingles, they will only get worse.

Eventually, you might start noticing sky-high utility bills or roof structure issues, both inside and out. Having to repair large parts of your roof or replace it entirely is going to cost a fortune. Sadly, it's only then that most homeowners realize how important roof maintenance is.

How Roof Preservation Affects Attic Insulation and Vice Versa

Roof preservation and attic insulation preservation actually go hand-in-hand. Doing preventative maintenance on each will help the other stand the test of time.

For instance, quality insulation can prevent condensation from building up on top of your roof. When there are warm and cold spots on your roof, that's how damaging ice dams can appear. Ice dams lead to an excess of moisture on your roof and in your attic, which can quickly give rise to a mould problem.

Conversely, if you lose roof tiles or allow moss to fester on your roof, your insulation will be exposed to excess moisture and mildew. This can eat away at it, requiring you to replace huge swaths of the roof and attic insulation elements. Prevent roof problems, and you'll prevent insulation problems.

Preventative Maintenance Goes a Long Way

You should inspect you roof regularly. Blown off shingles and missing roof vents can typically be spotted from the ground. For a more comprehensive roof inspection, contact a professional roofing company to come by for an inspection. They can evaluate the condition of the shingles, seals around plumbing stacks and roof vents, condition of the valleys and eaves, etc. They'll be able to see minor issues and put a stop to them before they become expensive issues.

Large amounts of snow accumulation on the roof can lead to ice damming. Consider removing the snow at the edge of the roof, in the valleys and around skylights when the snow accumulation is deeper that 12 inches.

Heavy snow loads on the roof can also restrict or block air flow from the roof vents. This can cause the attic to stop breathing properly, which leads to condensation and frost in the attic. Ensure your roof vents can breathe all winter long for maximum effectiveness of the insulation system in your attic.

Prevent Roof Problems With a Preventative Maintenance Strategy

Don't let the harsh Manitoba winter take an unnecessary toll on your roof. A bit of preventative maintenance to the structure of your roof will help, but so will proper attic insulation and ventilation.

As one of the top insulation specialists in the area, we'll ensure that your attic insulation lasts as long as it should. Get in touch with Warm Home Insulation for a free estimate for your attic insulation.


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