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Fluctuating temperatures throughout the year can make it challenging to keep your home temperate without relying heavily on heaters and air conditioners. Having the right kind of insulation for your home is a key factor in keeping your energy bills and carbon footprint low and your comfort high. In this blog, we dive into the importance of insulation in your home and discuss why cellulose insulation could be the ideal choice for you.


How Is Heat Transmitted?

Generally speaking, heat flows from warmer to cooler areas. Insulation slows down heat flow in your home, preventing your warm and comfortable living room from losing heat to your cold attic. By having materials that are resistant to heat conduction, an insulated house provides a more efficient, reliable, cost-effective and environmentally friendly method of keeping your house warm. It is important to understand that well-insulated homes can also keep indoor temperatures cooler during hot days, as it slows down the speed at which the outside air heats your place.


Insulation Options


When we talk about home insulation, there are three main ways of keeping your home temperatures consistent: loosefill insulation - which can be divided into cellulose and fibreglass, spray foam insulation and hybrid systems.


Cellulose insulation is a paper-based product that is blown into the structure of your space, preventing heat or cold from being transmitted rapidly. Fibreglass insulation has the same purpose but uses loose fibreglass that is sprayed using a blower. Finally, spray foam insulation uses a spray gun to spray a product that creates air barriers, even in small areas and gaps.


Why Choose Cellulose Insulation?


With so many possibilities for insulating your house, why would cellulose insulation be better for you? While there are not really any bad options, cellulose boasts some distinct advantages that might make all the difference for you.

Health: The main advantage of cellulose insulation is that it provides less health risk than other materials. When not properly installed, other types of insulation might cause issues like skin dermatitis and red eyes. Since cellulose insulation is primarily made from recycled paper, you are less likely to have such problems.


Safety: When treated with boric acid, cellulose insulation is more fire-resistant than other insulation methods. Treated cellulose insulation also has increased mould resistance, preventing the proliferation of harmful spores in your home, especially in moisture-prone areas like attics.


Eco-consciousness: Since cellulose is made of mainly sustainable materials (recycled paper, cardboard, and other paper-type materials), it’s considered to be much more environmentally friendly compared to other insulation products. The superior insulation properties of cellulose also allow you to rely less on heaters and air conditioners to keep your home comfortable. Kinder to the environment and your wallet!

Soundproof: Because of its dense composition and ability to get into even the smallest nooks and crannies, cellulose insulation excels at dampening noises from one room to another. The enhanced privacy and reduced acoustic leaking allow you to laugh, play, and live life fully within your home.

Versatile: When it comes to insulation installation, it doesn’t get much easier than cellulose! This material is suitable to be installed on walls, attics, and floors, making it the perfect solution for the overall insulation of your home. Able to perform as well in arid climates as in frigid ones, cellulose insulation can tackle the ups and downs of Winnipeg’s weather conditions and help your home stay comfortable no matter what mother nature brings!


Switching to Cellulose Insulation in Your Winnipeg Home


Now that you have learned more about the advantages of cellulose insulation, why not take the next step toward a comfortable home year-round? If you are tired of being cold in icy winters and hot during scorching summers, or even frustrated with sky-high electricity bills, cellulose insulation might be just the right answer for your problems. If you live in Winnipeg and need an insulation consultation, contact us to make an appointment!


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