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Ice Damming & Condensation

Ice Damming Prevention Services in Winnipeg

Warm Home Insulation provides ice damming prevention services in Winnipeg. After record-breaking snow accumulation in recent winters, Manitobans have experienced ice damming on their roofs and/or condensation issues in their attics. Moisture damage caused by ice damming can wreak havoc on your roof and compromise its structural integrity.


We are insulation experts who can diagnose any problem with your home's insulation envelope. Once we know the cause of the formation of ice damming, we can reinforce your home's insulation with state-of-the-art solutions. We tackle the source of the problem, which provides you with long-lasting comfort.


Ice dams occur when the air temperature is below freezing, you have a thick layer of dry snow on your roof, and you have heat coming up through the roof of your home. The snow underneath the layer will melt and run down until it reaches a point where the temperature is no longer above freezing, typically the eaves, and then freeze there, blocking any further drainage from occurring. This doesn’t leave water anywhere to go except into your home and can cause leaks to occur in your home, and that can lead to bigger issues down the line, especially if you don’t notice and don’t catch things early enough.


This issue can become more prominent after energy efficiency upgrades are done to your home, such as getting a new furnace or replacing drafty windows. Old homes are especially susceptible to these problems, as they often do not have enough insulation to prevent snow buildup and ice damming.


There are many homes in Manitoba that were built in the 1960s and earlier. If you live in the Wolseley or River Heights areas it is especially important that you get your building envelope assessed for potential problems. We can help you by assessing your home and taking action to either remove existing ice dams or to prevent the creation of ice dams in future.


Our homes are not built to accommodate and support the build-up of ice dams. Ice dams forming on your roof can lead to the following problems:

  • Roof damage

  • Malfunctioning drainage system

  • Leaky gutters

  • Water seepage into the house and attic

  • Loosened shingles


One key way to improve the efficiency of your home is by assessing it as a system or “building envelope”- what separates the conditioned (interior) and unconditioned (exterior) environments.


Insulation is a key part of this system. It acts as a barrier to heat loss and heat gain, especially in walls, attics and basements. In many homes, the most cost-effective and practical way to make a house more energy efficient is to add insulation.


This added insulation can:

  • Help lower your energy bills

  • Avoid attic condensation

  • Prevent ice damming


Warm Home Insulation can inspect and diagnose building envelope problems at your home and provide solutions to your problems that may involve improving the insulation, air and vapour barriers.


The best way to get rid of ice damming in Winnipeg is to prevent the problem from occurring in the first place. At Warm Home Insulation, we have over 40 years of experience helping homes  and businesses around Winnipeg with their insulation needs. We get to the heart of the issue as we assess your building's envelope. This allows us to see what's between the conditioned and unconditioned areas. When we find inadequate insulation, attic leaks and improper ventilation, we go to work with a targeted insulation plan for your home.

In most cases, we remove old or worn-out insulation from vulnerable areas and replace it with new spray foam or fibre-based insulation . Additionally, we can inject insulation into empty walls to help seal leaks and prevent later damage. We can also advise on your venting needs so your attic is free from future condensation.

If you live in Winnipeg and ice damming is a problem for you, turn to Warm Home Insulation and get the protection your home needs this winter and for all the winters to come.

Call today to have your home or building assessed and get a free estimate!



We provide professional ice dam removal and prevention services in Winnipeg.

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