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Fibre Insulation


When it comes to thermal insulation, cellulose and fibreglass insulation materials are the two most common, safe and cost-effective options. At Warm Home Insulation, we use a couple of varieties of high-quality fibreglass and cellulose insulation in Winnipeg to make your indoors comfortable and soundproof.


Fibreglass insulation has air pockets within the fibres, effectively retaining air and preventing heat transmission through convection. This makes it an excellent choice for soundproofing and acoustics insulation, ensuring a peaceful and quiet indoor environment.


Cellulose insulation is made from recycled paper products and treated with fire retardant to improve safety. It is a great option for homeowners who want an eco-friendly insulation solution that effectively reduces heat loss, improves indoor air quality, and reduces noise transmission.


Trust Warm Home Insulation for expert installation and superior performance. Experience the benefits of top-quality fibreglass and cellulose insulation in Winnipeg and the surrounding area today.

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Loosefill fiberglass - attic


Insulate your attic with Owens Corning's PROPINK® PINK® FIBERGLAS® insulation—Canada's #1 home insulation. PROPINK® PINK® FIBERGLAS® insulation has outstanding thermal resistance for maximum energy savings and is a “green” product made of 70% recycled material.


Many homeowners prefer this type of insulation because it does not hold water and it maintains a consistent level of insulating power over time. When installed correctly, it does not settle or deteriorate, which means that its R-value will not be compromised. PROPINK® PINK® FIBERGLAS® is non-combustible and can be safely used in any environment.


This type of insulation is designed to be installed by a professional using commercial pneumatic equipment. After installation, you’ll enjoy year after year of warmth and comfort!



Northstar blown cellulose insulation is a product composed primarily of recycled newsprint that has been treated for fire and pest resistance. The blown cellulose is both a great insulator, a “green” product and is made in Manitoba!


An under-insulated attic loses approximately 30% of a home’s energy. Blown fibre insulation's low cost per square foot, combined with its energy saving attributes, make strong economic and environmental sense when deciding to re-insulate your attic.



Homeowners have many choices when it comes to fibreglass insulation. Some of them include:

  • Loosefill insulation: This can be applied to the existing insulation and does not have any seams or gaps in the system. Loosefill insulates appropriately and is a popular choice of homeowners in Winnipeg. There are two types of loosefill insulation:

    • Blown cellulose insulation: A paper-based product used to control heat transfer.

    • Blown fibreglass insulation: Blown fibreglass insulation is easy to install and does not leave any cracks.

  • Hybrid insulation: Combining the benefits of loosefill and spray foam insulation, the hybrid system is the perfect solution for those who want the best of both worlds at budget-friendly prices. Its airtight envelope eliminates air movement and moisture accumulation.


Contact us for more information on fibreglass insulation in Winnipeg. We would be happy to help you!



Fibreglass loosefill or batt insulation maintain their R-Value for years. They can be safely installed in any interior space as they are non-corrosive, odour-free and non-combustible. Popular brands are air-quality certified.


Fibreglass insulation products have no asbestos content. They are unlikely to deteriorate in dry and well-ventilated spaces. Fibreglass batts and fibreglass loosefill are affordable insulating options. We recommend hiring our professional contractors for appropriate insulation installation. Contact us today for a no-obligation quote.



  • Roofs and attics: Both cellulose and fibreglass insulation are excellent choices for insulating attics, which are notorious for losing heat and causing energy bills to skyrocket. They can be easily installed between roof rafters or blown into open spaces using special equipment.

  • Walls cavities: Insulating exterior walls with cellulose can help to reduce heat loss and improve indoor comfort. It can also provide soundproofing benefits and prevent moisture from building up inside walls. Cellulose insulation is our choice for exterior wall drill and fills due to the higher R-value per inch. We can deliver a higher final R-value in the wall system with loosefill cellulose insulation.

  • Floors: In homes with crawl spaces, installing insulation between the floor joists can help to keep the floors warm and prevent heat from escaping through the ground. Both these insulation materials can work perfectly to insulate your floors.


Overall, cellulose and fibreglass insulation are versatile materials that can be used in many different areas of a home to improve energy efficiency, indoor comfort, and soundproofing. Talk to our professional insulation contractors to determine the best type of insulation and application for your specific needs.



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Don’t think that you can afford to have your house insulated? You might be surprised how cost-effective fibreglass and cellulose insulation in Winnipeg can be, especially when considering the benefits you’ll reap in energy cost savings. Contact us today for your no-obligation quote!

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