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Attic insulation is a common way for Winnipeg homeowners to keep their homes comfortable in all types of weather. However, there are many myths about it as well. Here are six debunked myths about attic insulation.


1.      You Can Insulate Your Attic Yourself

While it is true that you can insulate your attic yourself, the best way to ensure that your attic insulation is installed properly and with the right materials is to hire a licensed contractor through a trusted insulation company. This also helps limit the mess that cellulose insulation tends to create when it is blown into the attic.


2.      Attic Insulation Won’t Make a Difference

Once again, the previous point indicates that attic insulation can indeed make a positive and potentially life-saving difference in house fires. Both spray foam insulation and cellulose insulation can seal cracks and fill crannies, which limits heat loss from your home and also makes your home more insulated against noise pollution.


3.      Attic Insulation Isn’t Worth the Investment

If making your home more energy-efficient and sound-resistant doesn’t seem worth the investment in attic insulation, maybe this fact will convince you otherwise: with rebates, tax credits, and energy savings, your attic insulation upgrade can provide a 100% rate of return on your investment. Plus, you will be avoiding ice dams from melting and refreezing on your roof, which means you will be avoiding damage to your roof and gutters and possibly even to your attic and further down if the dams lead to leaks.


4.      My Insulation is Sufficient

This could be true; however, if the R-value of your attic insulation is below 60, your attic insulation is not providing enough protection and energy efficiency.


5.      Attic Insulation Is Supposed to Prevent Air Movement

While it is true that attic insulation is supposed to seal cracks through which air can pass through, a certain amount of ventilation is still required in your attic to regulate the heat and moisture and avoid damage to decking and trusses, weak supports, and mould growth, which leads to poor air quality.


6.      Insulating My Attic Is Enough to Lower My Heating Bill

Adding spray foam insulation or cellulose insulation to your attic will help lower your energy bills because your home will not lose as much heat in the winter or take in as much in the summer. However, if your HVAC equipment is dirty, in disrepair, or inefficient, your energy bills may not see as much of a change as you would have liked.   


Attic Insulation in the Winnipeg Area

If you have further questions about attic insulation or would like to improve or replace the attic insulation in your Winnipeg-area home, contact Warm Home Insulation. We are happy to answer your questions about attic insulation including spray foam insulation and cellulose insulation. Our expert team can also inspect and assess your attic and provide you with a quote.


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