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spray foam insulation

Energy-Efficient Spray Foam Insulation in Winnipeg

Warm Home Insulation offers top-notch spray foam insulation solutions for optimum indoor comfort and energy efficiency. Spray foam is effective in sealing moisture-prone areas and keeps your home free from mould. If you need long-lasting insulation for your attic, walls and basement, we can help. Warm Home Insulation specializes in spray foam insulation applications in Winnipeg. With over 4 decades of expertise in insulation services, we ensure you get the desired temperature control throughout the year.

It only takes one Manitoba winter to understand the importance of adequate insulation. This is especially true with hard-to-insulate areas, such as around pipes and attic joists. In offering spray foam insulation to Winnipeg homes, Warm Home Insulation helps homeowners achieve their indoor comfort and energy efficiency goals — one application at a time.

Do you ever notice that one or several rooms in your home are colder than the rest? Does your roof have  ice damming  or condensation issues during the winter? These are all problems we can solve. Choose Warm Home Insulation for unparalleled expertise and quality in spray foam insulation, ensuring your home stays cozy and energy-efficient regardless of the season — call us to schedule an in-home insulation assessment .

Spray foam - garage walls


Spray foam insulation is made of two composite materials that, when combined, undergo a chemical reaction, causing them to expand to several times their original volume. Once the reaction is complete, the spray foam will maintain its final form (and insulating properties) for many years to come.

We use heat-activated polymer foam (in liquid form) that is sprayed into framing cavities and other susceptible areas in your home, such as basement walls, exterior walls and attic spaces. Because of its ability to expand and make all the nooks and crannies air-tight, spray foam is essentially perfect as an insulating material. Unlike traditional batting and blown-in insulating materials, spray foam will not settle or sag over time. And, since it creates an air-tight seal, spray foam insulation easily meets all building codes with regards to vapour barrier systems.


Spray foam also has the highest R-Value per inch, i.e. the thermal resistance value of insulation. This means that spray foam has the highest insulating capacity, making it one of the best protection options against heat and cold.


Primarily, these are two types of spray foams. The decision of which of these two types to use is based on factors such as the material, the installation area, the intensity of usage etc. The two types of spray foam are:

  • Open-Cell Spray Foam

    This type of spray foam is used because it allows bi-directional drying which is required for brick wall systems. It’s usually more economical and has sound dampening qualities.

  • Closed-Cell Spray Foam

    Closed-cell spray foam can be used for building interiors or exterior applications because it’s a vapour barrier after 2 inches, can be applied in difficult areas to be insulated, adds some structural integrity and has a higher R-value per inch.

Read our blog to learn about the differences between spray foam and blow-in insulation.


There are various spray foam applications for different areas of your home including:


  • Attic
    Traditionally, houses have had vented attics, which enable air to circulate and keep moisture at a reasonable level. The attic must be properly air-sealed toto prevent conditioned air from flowing outside the home. As an air-impermeable and highly effective insulator, spray foam is an excellent option for insulating an attic.

  • Walls
    Spray foam insulation can be used for foundation and interior frame walls to provide an effective vapour and moisture barrier while strengthening your walls. 

  • Basement
    From floor to header, spray foam will create a seamless air and vapour deterrent for your basement to prevent air and moisture from entering your home.

Spray foam insulation is a great investment for your residential space. Contact us today to learn more.


There are two main types of spray foam insulation: open-cell and closed-cell. Open-cell spray foam is less dense than closed-cell and is spongy to the touch. Closed-cell spray foam insulation has many benefits to offer, including:

  • Powerful insulation – because it expands, it can tightly seal all nooks and crannies

  • Energy savings – because it is such a powerful insulator, this insulation can save up to 50% or more

  • Airtight – it thoroughly seals cracks and holes in attics and crawl spaces

  • Moisture barrier – moisture can gain access into your home through cracks, but spray foam insulation is impervious to water, so it will seal your home

  • Vapour barrier – 2 inches of spray foam is a vapour barrier; do away with 6 mill poly and acoustic sealant!

  • Mould deterrent – composed of an inert polymer, this spray foam insulation will not allow mould to grow

  • Long-lasting – spray foam insulation can perform at optimal levels for extended periods of time due to its inert polymer composition

  • Better comfort – Spray foam insulation prevents temperature fluctuations wherever installed because of its airtight seal.

  • Better indoor air quality – Spray foam insulation reduces the spread of pollutants such as indoor allergens, pollen, mould, dust, and more. Believe it or not, these pollutants enter your property through walls and affect the air quality. Spray foam insulation provides an effective seal to prevent air infiltration.

  • Easy installation – Spray foam's popularity can be attributed to its simplicity in application especially for difficult-to-reach area such as a crawl space or basement. Our team of specialists can easily spray and install the insulation in a non-intrusive manner.


Because of its long-lasting effectiveness in insulating every nook and cranny, more people are choosing closed-cell spray foam insulation for their Winnipeg homes. Call us to understand why spray foam insulation is right for your home.

Spray foam - one and half story - slopes and gable end walls


At Warm Home Insulation, we offer commercial spray foam insulation services for our customers in and around Winnipeg. This service is provided for both new and existing buildings. Our high-quality commercial spray foam insulation services ensure that all cracks and areas are insulated, including areas that are typically considered hard to cover, in order to provide the best possible insulation and thermal energy efficiency. With our services, you will get the following benefits:


Sealing Benefits


  • Air barrier

  • Moisture barrier

  • Vapour barrier

Temperature Benefits


  • Insulation against the cold

  • Energy efficiency

Attic Management


  • Vapour barrier

  • Higher R-value in space-restricted areas


We understand that you need and expect proper energy efficiency, which is why we choose quality products and install them with care. All spray foams that Warm Home Insulation works with are approved for use in buildings. They must meet CAN\ULC S705.1 material specifications and must be applied exclusively by fully certified contractors.


You can trust our experienced team to install a product that will last and protect what matters most to you. Warm Home Insulation's installers are certified to the relevant manufacturers’ standards for spray foam insulation in Winnipeg.


Warm Home Insulation Ltd. is proud to have insulated multiple commercial and residential buildings in greater Winnipeg. Browse our list of recent projects and contact us if you have questions.


For a free estimate on your spray foam installation in Winnipeg, call 204-255-2979 to get started.


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Don’t think that you can afford to have your house insulated? You might be surprised how cost-effective insulation in Winnipeg can be, especially when considering the benefits you’ll reap in energy cost savings. Contact us today for your no-obligation quote!

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