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About Warm Home Insulation in Winnipeg

In 1977, Warm Home Insulation began serving the insulation needs of Winnipeg and the surrounding areas, providing loose-fill fibre insulation. Now after over four decades, Warm Home has grown into a full-service, one-source insulation contractor. With our team of experienced, knowledgeable and dependable people, combined with a diverse range of top-quality products, services and state-of-the-art specialty equipment, Warm Home Insulation is proud to be among Manitoba's leading insulation companies. We’re well-trusted and respected within our community for providing effective solutions for a wide array of residential and commercial projects involving spray foam insulation , fibre insulation , wall cavity injection and ice damming and condensation .


When it comes to insulation in Winnipeg, you can’t go wrong with Warm Home Insulation as your insulation contractor of choice. At Warm Home, we’re committed to offering only the right insulation systems to solve your insulating and air-sealing issues, and we’re dedicated to upholding our strong reputation as the right choice for your insulating needs. While you may only think about the benefits of insulation during the winter months, it’s actually beneficial for you year-round. Here are but a few of the many benefits of selecting the right insulation for your home or business:

  • Reduce your energy bills by becoming more energy-efficient (cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter)

  • Reduce your environmental impact (less chemicals emitted from your air conditioning)

  • Reduce your reliance on your heating and cooling systems

  • Increase your overall comfort levels with better-regulated indoor temperatures and increased sound control


Do you have inconsistent hot and cold spots in your home? At Warm Home Insulation, we specialize in insulation in Winnipeg and surrounding areas to help you maintain better indoor comfort. Our expert insulation installations are quick and easy with a proven track record of success. We would welcome the opportunity to help you reduce your overall energy bills and enjoy better savings and comfort with the right insulation for your residential or commercial property. Contact us for a free estimate and discover how we turn each customer’s house into a "warm home." After all, don’t you deserve to be comfortable in your own space? We can help you achieve better comfort!

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Don’t think that you can afford to have your house insulated? You might be surprised how cost-effective insulation in Winnipeg can be, especially when considering the benefits you’ll reap in energy cost savings. Contact us today for your no-obligation quote!

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