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Commercial Insulation

Experienced Commercial Insulation Services In Winnipeg

Insulation is one of the most significant aspects of planning new construction or renovating an existing building. It is crucial in determining the energy efficiency of your commercial property and setting a comfortable indoor temperature for you and your business.

Warm Home Insulation provides comprehensive commercial insulation services in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. Whether you need spray foam insulation or vehicle insulation, we have solutions for you. We work with reliable general contractors to offer our services for commercial, business, and retail buildings, housing developments, new building constructions, agricultural establishments and many more. Contact us to learn more.


Warm Home Insulation is dedicated to providing all kinds of commercial insulation services in Winnipeg. Our team of certified insulation contractors has the expertise and skills to install various kinds of insulation in your building. Some of the commercial insulation solutions we offer include: 

Spray foam insulation: Spray foam insulation offers numerous benefits for maximizing comfort and energy efficiency on a commercial property. It effectively seals moisture-prone areas and prevents mould growth. At Warm Home Insulation, we specialize in spray foam insulation and provide you with durable insulation for your attic, walls, and basement. 

Attic insulation: At Warm Home Insulation, we can insulate attics to help your building achieve the constant temperatures you want. A poorly insulated attic can cause cold and warm air to escape, making your commercial buildings uncomfortable and drafty.

Batt and vapour: Batt insulation is one of the most prevalent types of insulation. Batts are typically pre-cut insulation panels that come in various R-values; the higher the R, the better the insulating capacity. When used in combination with a vapour barrier, batt insulation provides your property with industry-proven, efficient thermal protection against heat loss.

Vehicle insulation: Insulation is a cost-effective way to control the temperature of your vehicle’s storage or cargo area. It is also essential to adhere to safety guidelines as well as environmental concerns. Warm Home Insulation uses spray foam insulation to enhance environmental thermoregulation on storage tanks, trailers, and vehicle interiors.

Insulation removal: Leaving your insulation installed for an extended period without any changes or maintenance might be bad for both your health and your commercial property. We have the experience, knowledge, and equipment to safely remove old, damaged insulation. Warm Home Insulation is ready to assist you with your insulation removal, whether it’s for a retrofit, a renovation, or to deal with a mould infestation.


Check out our blog for more helpful information on the pros of various commercial insulation options. You are welcome to give us a call to speak with our team of experts.


High-quality and well-installed commercial insulation can benefit your business in the following ways:

Maintain indoor comfort and air quality:

Insulation keeps your property cozy and heated in the winter and cool and comfortable in summer. It prevents heat flow from warmer to cooler spaces and keeps your building airtight. This helps maintain the ideal indoor temperature, air quality and moisture levels throughout the year, which keeps you and your employees, colleagues and clients comfortable.

Improves energy efficiency:
Heat can constantly enter or exit your building without insulation. Your heating and cooling equipment will have to compensate for the loss or addition of heat according to the season. This only increases your energy consumption and expenditure. Insulation can help you avoid the waste of money and energy.

Better for your HVAC systems:
If your HVAC systems work overtime to compensate for insufficient insulation, they will experience more wear and tear. This shortens the lifespan of the equipment and increases the chances of a system malfunction or breakdown and the need for costly repairs and replacement. Good insulation will ensure your HVAC systems work efficiently for years to come.

Encourages productivity and profitability:
Proper insulation ensures everyone in your building is comfortable and ready to work. It also helps protect your office or warehouse equipment, raw materials, goods and inventory protected from extreme heat, cold and moisture. You can prevent wastage, reduce utility costs and increase the value of your property.


We realize that you need proper energy efficiency; that’s why we select high-quality items and install them carefully. Here is why you should choose us:


  • We are a COR-certified company ensuring commercial safety

  • We are insured and bondable 

  • We are a full-service company with a scientific approach to every project

  • We are experienced in the field with expert problem-solving skills

  • We provide almost all kinds of insulation products and services

  • We have 35 years of experience in the commercial industry

  • We are dedicated to delivering professional customer service



Our experienced professionals provide dependable insulation services for commercial buildings in Winnipeg.

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