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Snow and icicles glazing the rooftop of your Winnipeg home can make for a charming picture fit for a postcard. But when ice damming is the culprit behind your winter wonderland vista, quaint can quickly give way to panic. Ice dams can damage your roof, your gutters and lead to the internal destruction of your home.

Why Ice Dams Form in the First Place

When heat is unevenly distributed over your roof, melting water can freeze near the edges where the temperature is cooler than it is in other areas. If this process repeats itself a few times, a reservoir of compacted ice forms, and you become the less-than-proud owner of an ice dam. Over time, further melted water may become trapped underneath the ice dam and lead to water damage of your roof, and eventually the inside of your home. Once the situation reaches this point, it will cost you big to repair it. This is why it’s best to take action before there’s a problem.

Prevent Ice Dams by Doing This One Thing

Ice damming in Winnipeg is an ongoing problem for property owners. But here’s the good news—ice dams are preventable. The solution rests in keeping the entirety of your roof a consistent temperature. What’s your number one way to achieve this result? Proper insulation. Nothing does a better job at keeping heat in and cold out than adequate insulation, especially in that most crucial area—your attic.

How We Do It

Here at Warm House Insulation we keep ice damming at bay by one of two methods: we’ll either beef up the existing insulation in your Winnipeg home, or we’ll remove what’s there and start from scratch. Which approach we use will be decided upon after a thorough evaluation of your building envelope (the area that separates interior from exterior). Once the assessment is complete, we’ll discuss insulation options with you and together we’ll make a plan that best suits your needs and budget.

Get a Free No Obligation Quote

We understand that not every homeowner wants to commit upfront to an insulating project for their home. We’ll never hassle you or use pressure tactics to get you to sign on the dotted line. When you call, our customer service representative will provide you with the information you need without the drama. Here at Warm Home Insulation, we pride ourselves on having served the Winnipeg area for the last 40 years. Call us today for all your ice damming prevention and insulation needs.


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