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Roof insulation

Home insulation was invented to keep the desired temperature in homes throughout the year, safeguarding them against extreme heat in summer and cold in winter. There are mainly two kinds of insulation – roof deck insulation and attic insulation. Residents in Winnipeg can approach Warm Home Insulation for both.

We provide a wide range of insulation products, such as spray foam insulation, that meet the individual needs of our customers. Whether you require extra insulation in your walls, your roof deck or your basement, we can help you out.

While both attic insulation and roof insulation insulate your home to lessen cooling and heating bills, there are a few differences between them. We hope that this blog will clear the doubts regarding these differences.


Key Difference

The main difference between these insulation models is where they are installed. Roof deck insulation is installed on the roof slope, while attic insulation is installed in the ceiling plane.

Installation of Roof Deck Insulation

In roof deck insulation, rigid foam above the roof sheathing is preferred over using spray foam below the roof sheathing or between the rafters. This avoids thermal bridging through the rafters and keeps the sheathing warm.

Installation of Attic Insulation

In attic insulation, you may use various insulation materials that are less expensive than the ones used in roof insulation. Fibrous materials, such as cellulose, are inexpensive and good choices.

How to know whether you need more of either?

It’s easy to find out if your home is missing either of the two types of insulations. Put on some gloves and measure the thickness of your insulation layer using a ruler. If the measurement is less than eight inches of cellulose or less than 11 inches of fibreglass or rock wool, more insulation is needed.

Which will save you more money?

Attic insulation will save you dollars in overall energy maintenance because the insulation will be installed in the ceiling plane, which is the first layer of insulation between the temperature outside and your home’s temperature. Since your roof is properly insulated, it will remain warm in cold winter and cool in summer.

Looking to Install Attic or Roof Deck Insulation?

We can help. Warm Home Insulation has been serving clients in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas since 1977. We provide insulation services to a wide array of residential and commercial customers. Our experienced and licensed technicians have a proven success record in the industry. We can help reduce your energy bills with the insulation method that’s most suitable for your commercial or residential property. Our technicians can also advise you in handling various other situations, such as ice dams, where ice builds up on roofs.   

Call us to learn more about how we can help you with the installation of insulation.


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