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Our harsh Winnipeg winters can be brutal. With temperatures that dip far below zero combined with drastic wind and snowfall, a well insulated home is a modern marvel we should all be grateful for. But did you know that not all insulation is created equal? Spray foam insulation is by far the most effective type for sale on the market today, outperforming fibre insulations by leaps and bounds. Here are some of the reasons spray foam insulation might be the right choice for your Winnipeg home.

  • Energy efficient — Spray foam insulation can reduce heating and cooling costs up to 50%. This well-documented claim is supported by the Canadian Urethane Foam Contractors Association (CUFCA), and is further attested to by Winnipeg residents who’ve installed it in their homes.

  • Durable — Unlike other foams that can settle over time, spray foams resist deterioration and last longer over time. They are also impervious to mould, and can therefore be a better choice for asthma sufferers.

  • No smell — When properly installed, spray foam insulation is odour-free.

  • Cost-effective — Though you may initially pay more upfront than you would for fibre foam, in the long haul, you’ll get more bang for your buck. And of course, there’s also the radically reduced heating bill to save you pennies.

Proper Installation Is Critical

Though spray foam insulation is a superior product, it’s not the kind of thing you want some kid from down the road to hurl at your walls. Improperly installed spray foam can lead to health complications for residents and burden homeowners with huge costs when they need to remedy the situation. The installation process requires specialized technicians who are skilled, experienced and have proper training. Thorough knowledge of the product is crucial, as spraying techniques will need to be adjusted based upon differences in substrates as well as variation of environmental factors like temperature and moisture. At Warm Home Insulation, all our technicians are fully trained and certified to ensure installation protocols are diligently followed. We’ll make certain that your Winnipeg home reaps all the benefits of spray foam insulation and remains the cozy haven it’s always been.

Warm Home for Your Home

When you come to us for your home insulation needs, we provide you with complete insulation services including knowledgeable staff, a range of products to choose from and state-of-the-art equipment. Our 40 years of experience serving Winnipeg and surrounding areas make us your local pros. You can count on us for expertise, superior customer service and a job done right. Call us today for a no-obligation, free quote.


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