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Are you paying an outrageous heating bill? Are you burning through surplus natural gas or electricity to run your furnace? Or maybe your bedroom is burning hot in the summer without relief.

Chances are your home is under insulated. Not only are you paying a hefty bill, but all the heat is slipping out the door!

Warm Home Insulation is here to provide home energy efficiency for your unique property. Read on to find out how insulation will help decrease your energy consumption!

1. Thermal Protection

If you've ever wondered how to make your home more energy-efficient, new insulation is the key. Thermal protection can regulate the temperature of your home in an efficient and cost-saving way.

As a homeowner, it's nice to have a comfortable environment indoor that feels just right. Insulation will help your home stay cozy in the winter and cool in the summer. Redoing your attic and basement insulation is a surefire way to get thermal control back for your living space.

Fibreglass insulation is a good product for thermal control. Our fibreglass is noncombustible and made from 70% recycled material. This is perfect for energy-efficient homes!

2. No More Air Leaks

Nobody wants a draft in their home. Poorly installed or overlooked insulation can impede your home's energy efficiency and leave holes in your defense. Gaps in the windows and doorways are the main culprits for air leakage.

Air leaks will accelerate the Stack Effect: when hot air is sucked out through air leaks and replaced by cold outdoor air. This phenomenon is the reason why old houses can be drafty, have cold spots, and are expensive to heat and cool.

3. Help the Planet and Your Pocket

The work that goes into your energy efficient home improvements will benefit not just yourself, but the health of the planet. You'll be using fewer natural resources to heat your home and will also cut down on greenhouse emissions.

The biggest incentive of all: your costs will be lower. You can spend your extra savings on new home decor or other home improvements that have been sacrificed in the past because of a high heating and cooling bill.

4. Prevent Moisture

Installing great installation will also prevent you from disasters down the road, such as avoiding toxic situations or other health hindrances. Insulation is moisture resistant and will save you from the time, money, and resources you'll expend battling mould and wood rot.

5. nsulation R-Value

When selecting insulation, the year-round temperature where you live is an important factor in the R-value of your insulation. Insulation with a higher R-value is better in climates that experience colder temperatures, as it's more resistant to heat transfer.

Knowing your R-value can be the first step in energy-efficient home improvements. Know your home's climate zone and ask us for assistance in choosing the concentration of R-value in your home.


At Warm Home Insulation, we want to help you create the most efficient home for both your wallet and your carbon footprint. Now that you know how to make your home energy-efficient, it's time for us to talk. Get a free estimate today and improve the energy efficiency of your Winnipeg home.



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