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vehicle insulation

For most manufacturers in the automotive sector, controlling heat transfer while ensuring the vehicle operates efficiently is a major concern. As the demand for better operational and environmental efficiency for vehicles is increasing, there is a greater emphasis on temperature control. If you want your refrigerated trucks to be fuel and cost-efficient, it is important to get them insulated. Insulation is also necessary for unrefrigerated trucks carrying goods and materials that are sensitive to temperature fluctuations. If you are looking for vehicle insulation in Winnipeg, Warm Home Insulation has what you need. We provide an extensive range of top-quality products, services and state-of-the-art specialty equipment to fulfill every expectation.

Benefits of Insulating Your Commercial Vehicle


A few advantages of getting your vehicle insulated include:

Protection from Heat Radiating Down From the Hot Metal Roof


Get the roof of your truck or trailer insulated. This helps in reducing the heat that would radiate down from the hot metal roof and increase the temperature inside your vehicle. This protection is required in particular for vehicles carrying temperature sensitive products such as flowers; it protects them from wilting or scorching due to the heat.

Protects from the Heat Rising from the Road Surfaces


You have to get the underside of the floor of your truck or trailer insulated (both refrigerated and non-refrigerated trucks). This allows you to block the heat rising from the road surface and helps enhance the efficiency of the refrigeration plant.

Other Benefits

  • Insulation greatly helps in temperature control. The truck can be heated up faster during winter and it is easier to keep it cool during summer.

  • It helps minimize condensation and reduces dampness, which would otherwise promote mould growth.

  • It creates a sound barrier and helps you in reducing outside noise.


Type of Insulation


The main insulation material used is:

  • Spray Foam Insulation


These products are usually used underneath floor mats or carpeting. They help in blocking out external sounds and provide a lot of heat control. Spray foam insulation helps in improving the acoustic quality of the truck cabin. It is long lasting and offers resistance against moisture and mould growth.

Also known as polyurethane foam, it is strong, light and has excellent thermal insulation properties. It offers high durability, is very effective and can be installed quickly.

Warm Home Insulation offers vehicle insulation to our clients in Winnipeg and the surrounding areas. Our experts strive to provide quick and easy installations.


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