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Everyone in Winnipeg wants their home to be warm in the winter and cool in the summer. But it’s impossible to achieve the perfect indoor temperature if your home isn’t properly insulated. Keep reading to learn how wall cavity insulation can help you save money on your heating and cooling costs and keep you comfortable all year round.

What Is Wall Cavity Insulation?

Wall cavity insulation is an insulating product that’s designed to fill the spaces left between the layers of your interior and exterior walls. Cellulose, foam or recycled paper fibers are inserted into the wall cavity where they become densely packed to provide superior thermal resistance. The insulation blocks gaps in the walls and stops heat from escaping. Our wall cavity insulation is made from recycled, organic materials that are mold, corrosion, bug and fire resistant.

How Does It Work?

The cavity wall insulation is inserted into the walls to prevent the cold outdoor air from entering the home and the warm indoor air from escaping. The cavity wall insulation doesn’t interfere with your home’s ventilation but simply provides a densely packed filling that slows down the passage of air through the walls.

The wall cavity insulation we use at Warm Home Insulation here in Winnipeg maintains a consistent R-Value in all temperatures and humidity levels. The R-value of insulation is a measure of how quickly it loses heat. The higher the R-value, the better the heat retention. Our wall cavity insulation gives you excellent thermal performance so you can stay warm and drastically reduce your heating costs.

How Does It Help Me Save?

Over thirty percent of a home’s heat escapes through gaps in the insulation in the walls. When the weather outside is extremely cold, the heat inside your home escapes much more quickly, wasting energy and driving up your heating bills.

Installing cavity wall insulation helps to prevent the warm air generated by your furnace from escaping through rapid convection and can also help prevent moisture from building up inside the home. Cavity-wall insulation offers a great return on your initial investment by reducing your monthly heating and cooling costs and reducing your home’s carbon footprint.

Wall Cavity Insulation in Winnipeg

If you’ve got cold floors, uneven heat distribution, and high heating bills, your home may not be properly insulated. Call Warm Home Insulation today. We make your home a warm home so that you can be comfortable all year round. Contact us today for more information or to book an appointment.


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