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Attic Insulation Services in Winnipeg

Attic Insulation Services in Winnipeg

At Warm Home Insulation, we know that comfortable temperatures in your home mean- steady heat in the winter and consistent cooling in the summer. However, you might be struggling to achieve this, despite installing premium furnaces and air conditioners. Fortunately, we have a solution for you. The only way to ensure optimal temperatures in your home is to insulate all areas, including your attic, properly. A poorly insulated attic provides a lot of room for cold and warm air to escape from your home and make it uncomfortable and drafty. 

We provide attic insulation services in Winnipeg that minimize the outside air from entering your homes and driving up your energy bills. Not only that, but our attic insulation services protect the structure of your attic from damage. 


What sets us apart is that we can insulate attics of various types. Whether you have a scuttle attic or an unfinished attic, we can help. Our team will personalize our attic insulation in Winnipeg to fit your property's needs. Contact us today to insulate your home’s attic.

Why Should You Insulate Your Attic?

Properly insulating your attic is critical for several reasons. First, an uninsulated attic provides several channels for outside air to enter your home and disrupt its temperature. The presence of outside air places an increased amount of stress on your heating or cooling equipment. 

Second, an uninsulated attic is a threat to your home's structural integrity, both in the summer and winter. When warm air from outside in the summer months meets your attic's cool surface, it leads to condensation and could result in mould formation. Moreover, the escape of hot air from your roof in the winter melts the snow on its surface, making ice dams that damage your home's top structure. When you don't properly insulate your attic, you risk damaging your home.

Replacing Your Attic's Insulation

The insulation in your attic can suffer from damage. The damage might result from regular wear and tear or issues such as the effect of moisture. Regardless of the reason for its deterioration, you must replace your insulation quickly. Some signs that you might need to replace your attic's insulation are:

  • Fluctuation of your home's indoor temperature
  • Spike in your energy bills
  • Draft inside your home
  • Moisture in your attic
  • Pest infestation in your attic

In some cases, our team installs insulation above the older one or on new surfaces. However, complete attic replacements are more common. In these scenarios, we have to remove the attic's previous insulation to install new insulation. When you book an inspection with us, our team will come to your property to determine whether you require an attic insulation replacement.

Options for Attic Insulation

When it comes to our attic insulation in Winnipeg, you have a variety of solutions available including:

  • Loosefill insulation: This has many benefits and is often the first choice for homeowners. Loosefill insulation can be applied over existing insulation; it doesn’t have any gaps or seams in the system and insulates nicely around trusses, plumbing stacks and other protrusions throughout the attic space. The two types of loosefill insulation are:
    • Blown cellulose insulation: Blown cellulose insulation is a paper-based product that we mechanically blow into empty areas in your attic's structure to control heat transfer.
    • Blown fibreglass insulation: Blown fibreglass insulation consists of loose fibreglass that we spray using a blower. If installed correctly, blown fibreglass doesn't leave any cracks, and it is easy to install it in attics.
  • Spray foam insulation: This requires us to install spray foam on your walls, flooring and ceiling using a spray gun. This type of insulation creates air/vapor barriers even in the tiniest cavities and doesn't leave any gaps.

  • Hybrid System: Sometime it makes more sense to use a combination of loosefill insulation and spray foam in the attic spaces. This is what we call a Gold Package. We capitalize on the advantages of the air/vapor barrier and the high R-value/inch of the spray foam in conjunction with the blanket effect and economical pricing of the loosefill insulation.

Schedule Attic Insulation Services in Winnipeg

Attic insulation is a must to ensure your family's comfort and protect your home's structure. If you'd like to discuss your attic insulation options in Winnipeg or make an appointment, please get in touch with us.

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