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Insulation Applications for Your Winnipeg Area Home

The truth is that most homes are under-insulated. Do you ever wonder if your home has sufficient insulation? Most homes, especially older homes, do not. To decrease your energy bills, increase your comfort inside and reduce your home’s overall environmental impact, there are three main applications to think of when considering insulating your house:

  • Attic 
  • Walls 
  • Basements and crawlspaces

If you take the time to ensure these areas are properly insulated, your home will become the haven of warmth you’ve always wanted. Warm Home Insulation offers wall, basement and attic insulation in Winnipeg to help reduce the risks of condensation, mould growth and attic condensation. Call us in Winnipeg for a free estimate on our insulation services today and discover what our team can do for you and your home comfort! Well-trusted by our customers since 1977, we have a pretty diverse project portfolio, providing everything from spray foam insulation upgrades to attic insulation, fibreglass retrofits and more.

The Key to Good Attic Insulation in Winnipeg

Attics are generally a good place to start when re-insulating your home. People often assume that we recommend insulating attics first because "heat rises." The real reason is much less glamorous: the attic is simply the easiest and cheapest way to insulate to make your home comfortable and reduce your energy bills, especially if you have attic condensation in Winnipeg. Insulation is vapour-resistant. This is very helpful in moist climates and seasons because water vapour and condensation can slowly seep into the structure of your home, eroding wood, cement and other materials used to build your home. Adding insulation to your attic can help keep that moisture out of the delicate areas of your home to preserve your investment.

Spray foam - exterior walls from the outside

Prevent Ice Damming & Attic Condensation in Winnipeg

When addressing attic insulation in Winnipeg, you should consider air sealing and ventilation. Proper air sealing is a good way to prevent warm, humid air from escaping into the attic space. Escaping humid air can cause ice damming and condensation on the underside of the roof deck, which can then freeze in the winter months. When it thaws in the spring, water damage is eminent. Ventilation is key when warm air does escape; it vents out of the attic before it becomes a serious problem. Prevent unnecessary damage due to ice damming and attic condensation in Winnipeg by consulting with our professionals.

Upgrade the Insulation in Your Walls

To keep your home comfortable in all seasons, or if you plan on remodelling certain rooms of your home, you will benefit from adding more insulation. You can upgrade the insulation value in your walls by either replacement or injection methods. If you are looking to upgrade the insulation value in your walls by either replacement or injection, you will benefit from adding more insulation. Conductive heat loss through uninsulated walls represents a significant heating and cooling load, and it's usually cost-effective to add insulation. The Weathershield™ wall injection system is what Warm Home utilizes to fill wall cavities. Open walls are generally sprayed with polyurethane insulation to maximize R-values.

Basement Insulation Can Preserve Your Health

Your basement and crawlspace are very important areas to seal and insulate for several reasons. Besides the obvious – keeping warm and using less energy, which can drastically change with the use of spray foam insulation in these spaces – the basement has the potential to be harmful to your health. Unlike the top part of your home, the bottom typically has the largest air pressure pushing into the house, so sealing and insulating those leaks results in bigger energy savings. Though often smaller than attic leaks, basement and crawlspace leaks tend to be much larger than those in exterior walls.

Don’t Forget to Ask about a Manitoba Hydro Rebate

Warm Home Insulation offers various attic systems to work within the parameters of your needs and budget. In Manitoba, you may qualify for a Manitoba Hydro rebate for up to 100% of the cost of the material for attic insulation in Winnipeg. Don’t hesitate to contact us today to request more info or an estimate for our many insulation services to help combat attic condensation in the Winnipeg area. Together, we can help you get the most out of your indoor comfort and overall energy-efficiency with the best insulation for your needs.

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Don’t think that you can afford to have your house insulated? You might be surprised how cost effective insulation in Winnipeg can be, especially when considering the benefits you’ll reap in energy cost savings. Contact us today for your no-obligation quote!

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