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Roof Insulation

Durable Roof Insulation in Winnipeg

Roof insulation is an ideal way to avert unwanted heat penetration from outside the building. The insulation foil reduces the amount of heat which enters in summers and renders better thermal protection in winters. If you are planning to install quality roof insulation in your Winnipeg home, choose Warm Home Insulation.


We also specialize in fibre insulation and wall cavity injection.

Standing seam roofing foam

Why Do You Need to Insulate Your Roof?

Roof insulation maintains a comfortable living environment by sustaining indoor temperatures and reducing energy costs.

Spray foam insulation on sloped ceiling

Commonly Asked Questions

What is R-Value?
R stands for resistance to heat flow. Higher R-Value signifies greater insulating power and resistance to heat flow.

What R-Value do I need?
It depends on the location of your home and the part which is getting insulated. The R-Value would vary accordingly.

 How is unfaced insulation different from kraft-faced insulation?
Unfaced insulation refers to the insulation which lacks a vapour retarder. Kraft-faced insulation, on the other hand, includes a paper vapour retarder to avoid mould infestation.

Do I need a vapour barrier?
Vapour barriers are required for the warm side or the living space side of exterior walls. 

 What about heaters and air conditioners?
During extreme temperatures without insulation, heaters and air conditioners are ineffective. Due to the constant heat loss or gain, the devices are expected to run constantly at their maximum power to try to maintain a comfortable temperature.

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