Will Ice Damming Be a Threat to Your Roof This Winter?

Ice damming occurs when the snow on one section of your roof melts, runs down the roof and refreezes when it reaches the edge. The ice on the edge builds up and traps additional melt water. If left unchecked, the trapped water can be a major threat to your roof, attic, insulation, ceilings, walls and more. Keep reading for some signs to watch out for and a few tips to help you prevent ice damming on your Winnipeg home this winter.

When you’re at risk 

The roof of your home is more susceptible to ice dam formation under the following circumstances:

  • After a heavy storm—The fresh snow is easily melted by the warmest sections of your roof and then refreezes when it reaches the cold outer edge. 
  • During mild weather—During the day, the sun comes out and the temperatures in Winnipeg rise slightly, only to drop back down overnight. These mild days can cause a cycle of melting and refreezing that result in ice damming all across the city. 
  • When your home isn’t properly insulated/ventilated—Insulation protects your Winnipeg home from the elements while ventilation allows the proper airflow in your home to prevent humidity-related issues. If your home isn’t properly insulated, you won’t have the right balance of insulation and ventilation needed to keep your living space warm and your attic cool. 

Preventing ice dams
There are a few measures that you can take that’ll help you prevent ice dams from damaging your roof this winter:

  • Be vigilant—Inspect the condition of your roof regularly. If you notice a group of large icicles hanging down from the edge of your roof, act quickly before a large ice dam forms. 
  • Ventilate the attic—Ensure that the attic is properly ventilated so warm air and moisture can’t become trapped under the roof. One of the best ways to prevent ice dams from forming is by keeping your attic cool. 
  • Insulate your home—In addition to ventilating your attic, it’s important to ensure your home is properly insulated. Call a reputable insulation contractor like Warm Home Insulation in Winnipeg to make sure that you’re not losing warm air through light fixtures and electrical sockets. We use a number of insulation techniques from spray foam to wall cavity insulation to fill in any gaps in your home’s insulation that may be contributing to ice dam formation.

Professional insulation installation from Warm Home Insulation can help you prevent ice damming, make your HVAC system operate more efficiently and significantly reduce your heating and cooling costs. Contact us today for more information about the products we use or to book an appointment.